Fred Harvey Bracelets

First of all, a Fred Harvey era bracelet displays recognizable characteristics. Fred Harvey, himself, does not produce jewelry. Most importantly, his credits include organizing the Native American Indians to make “tourist” looking jewelry with stamp work that Mr. Harvey deems to be “Southwest” in appearance. Consequently, companies such as Bell Trading Co., Maisel’s, and H.H. Tammen. Curio Co. produce this distinctive looking jewelry. The heyday for sales of this jewelry is the 1930’s through the 1950’s. Consequently, it is sold through curio shops, route 66 tourist stops, and trading posts.

Generally this jewelry is from machines and with little handwork. Surprisingly, much of, this jewelry never touches Native American Indian’s hands. Sometimes the manufacturer will employ a Native American Indian to run the stamping machine. As a result, the proprietor can “truthfully” state that the piece is made by a Native American Indian. This jewelry may feature natural turquoise, treated turquoise or synthetic stones. We try and point out these attributes in the description.

As Fred Harvey era jewelry comes from thin silver sheet, often you may find repairs at the joints. Consequently, this is a common occurrence in this type of light weight jewelry. As an additional benefit to you, if we repair jewelry, ourĀ  silversmith anneals (heats) the silver. In conclusion, the act of annealing silver makes the silver less brittle and more pliable and bendable.

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Showing all 17 results