What is Pawn Jewelry?

Fred Harvey Cerrillos Turquoise and Crossed Arrows Bracelet Technically, vintage pawn or dead pawn jewelry is jewelry which is collateral for a cash loan. Consequently, the owner never redeems their jewelry. Additionally, they may not redeem their jewelry within the time period that they agree to. Also, the trading post is then legally able to sell this un-claim jewelry. It is important to note, Native American Indians regularly use pawn shops as banks. It is common common practice to use the pawn shops, on or near reservations,  as a temporary means to secure money for food and other necessities.

Realistically, Native American Indian buyers refer to pre-owned pieces as “vintage pawn, old pawn, or dead pawn jewelry”, even if it is never in use as pawn. Consequently, this type of jewelry is highly sought after to collect. Occasionally, an old piece, often a family heirloom, will surface as dead pawn. Most notably, the majority of pieces found today are of a more recent vintage.

Every once in awhile, you may come across old piece with an original old ticket attached to it. Most noteworthy, unscrupulous Native American dealers secure phony tickets. Consequently, this is in order to make the vintage piece appear to be a pawn piece. Finally, this unethical practice is to deceive the buyer into believing the vintage piece has a more interesting and desirable provenance.

Most notable, Jewelry on display on this website, is vintage or “pre-own” Native American Indian jewelry. Moreover, these pieces have no accompanying pawn ticket, so there is no traceable provenance. Technically, these pieces do not have the paperwork to properly be “pawn jewelry.” Although, the public generally refer to these pieces as “pawn jewelry”.

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