Tucson Indian Jewelry Video

Most Noteworthy, this Tucson Indian Jewelry video shows some of the Fred Harvey jewelry that we sell. Tucson Indian Jewelry is located inside the American Antique Mall. Hence, we are  located in Tucson, Arizona at 3130 E. Grant Road (at Country Club).

First of all, this Tucson Indian Jewelry video shows the viewer the vast items that offer. We sell all types of silver and turquoise items. These items include useful desk items, as well as practical items such as stamped silver candle snuffers. In addition, we offer Navajo jewelry, Hopi overlay silver jewelry, Zuni intricate inlay jewelry, and Santo Domingo jewelry.

Furthermore, this Tucson Indian Jewelry video highlights our famous Tucson silversmiths. Although these families are not Native American Indian, they influence Southwest jewelry design.

The Patania family are a dynasty of jewelry designers and artisans. This family’s start in the jewelry business begins with Frank Patania Senior. Frank Patania Senior migrates to the United States from Sicily. The next artist to enter the jewelry field is Frank Patania Junior. Frank Patania Junior is raised in the art community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Consequently, the next generation continues with Sam Patania and his son.

Additionally, there is the Alberto Contreras family. Alberto has 6 sons, and a couple of them are still work in jewelry design, production, and repair. They had a silversmith shop located in Ash Alley in Tucson, Arizona from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. Their last shop was located on Drachman Street in Tucson. Alberto Contreras is taught the art of working with silver by Frank Patania Sr.

Finally, Carlos Diaz jewelers is in Tucson. Carlos Diaz. Carlos works in Ecuador for a few years before he migrates to the United States from Bogota’, Columbia. In 1953, Carlos comes to Tucson and begins producing piecework for other local jewelers. As a result, in 1958, Carlos opens his own shop.

Please visit our talented Native American friend and  talented jewelry artist on his website by clicking his name Tim Yazzie⇐.

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