ūüė• SOLD – THUNDERBIRD Silver Plate and Light Blue Faux Turquoise Bracelet of the Fred Harvey Era


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  • Classic Fred Harvey silver plated bracelet with small light blue center stone and applied thunderbirds. Some of the brass base metal is showing through, as pictured.
  • We included this on our website to remind people that not all Fred Harvey Jewelry is Sterling Silver or real turquoise… and should be priced accordingly!
  • Only when we polished this bracelet, we realized that it is not solid silver. Many Fred Harvey bracelets are not marked as to their silver content. Some are sterling, some are coin silver, and some are plated, as in this case.
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                 Bracelet Size
(inside tip-to-tip)  
Gap in bracelet
(between tips) 


Center Stone  
Faux Turquoise

Special Attributes  




Hallmarks on Back